One year after their royal wedding, the beautiful young King and Queen of Denmark are invited to the wedding of the only daughter of King Saryu of Sangyoon, Princess Myra. They set off for distant Asia… not realizing they’re about to have the adventure of their lives! Upon arrival, Paige discovers that young Princess Myra is very unhappy, because her marriage was arranged by her father, and her husband-to-be, Kah, is overbearing and opportunistic. Myra is secretly in love with a young elephant handler named Alu. Bad goes to worse during a huge party before the wedding, when Paige is given the honor of riding the royal elephant. Alu, who is handling the elephant, sees Kah arguing with Myra and races to her aid. Eddie tries to intervene and gets in a brawl with Kah, and Paige leaps off the elephant to help him, all with disastrous results. The secret romance between Myra and Alu is discovered; Kah accuses Alu of being part of a plot against King Saryu; Alu is thrown in jail; and, worst of all, the royal elephant mysteriously disappears during the brouhaha, an event that now curses the wedding! Paige and Eddie make a deal with the King that if they can find and return the elephant in time for the wedding -- only three days off – Alu will be released, and all will be well.
Thus begins the Danish royal couple’s quixotic quest to infiltrate the jungles of Sangyoon, find the royal elephant, and help true love find its course. Accompanied by Soren, their ever-loyal valet, and Rayen, Myra’s bodyguard, the couple ends up forging rivers, scaling mountains, and encountering wild animals of every stripe. Along the way, Paige grows jealous of Eddie’s seeming admiration of the beautiful Rayen who turns out to be an Oxford-educated martial artist. But when Paige tries to surprise the two in a romantic tryst, she discovers that it is not Eddie but rather the very proper Soren who romancing Rayen! Reconciled again, Eddie and Paige realize they are being followed by a group of sold


Kam Heskin, Chris Geere


Catherine Cyran


Action, Adventure, Children/Teen, Comedy, Family, Romantic Comedy