A binding, dangerous blizzard rage at the bottom of the word. An enigmatic, otherworldly object is discovered. It’s highly advanced radio signal emits a cryptic and lethal message. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. “Alien Hunter,”J.S. Cardone’s original screenplay is a gripping provocative thriller, spiraling from the depths of space to the darkness of the human soul. Enter Julie Rome, the alien hunter of the title, an expert in cryptology and one time member of the government’s now-defunct SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence). Julien’s checkered past has withered his career to that of a second-rate academic, and his romantic life to a series of meaningless one-night stands. Julien’s world is about to be shaken when his unique skills are needed to aid a small group of geneticists. Their top-secret Antarctic base of operations has been compromised by the discovery of an enormous, extraterrestrial object embedded in ice, which gives off a powerful and mysterious code he may be able to decipher. Among these geneticists is Kate Brecher, Julien’s estranged ex -fiancee. Julien’s realizes that going to Antarctica may be his last chance to put his life together, picking up the pieces of his SETI career and possibly mending the shattered remnants of his relationship with Kate. Standing in the way is the dangerous and disarming Dr. Michael Straub, whose growing madness compromises the safety of all, but who may just be the unintentional catalyst for a startling step in human evolution.


James Spader, Janine Eser, John Lynch, Carl Lewis, Leslie Stefanson


Ron Krauss


Action, Sci Fi, Thriller