Les Daniel’s fear of snakes dates all the way back to his childhood. He had the misfortune of being born into a family of rural Appalachian snake handlers, followers of a bizarre religion in which the faithful are encouraged to handle poisonous snakes in a show of religious devotion. As a child, Les watched his father die from a snakebite in one such ceremony. That incident had a lasting effect on Les. As an adult, he abandoned his faith and turned his back on his family’s archaic religion. He embraced medicine as an alternative to religion and became an EMT. His brother Duff, on the other hand, saw his faith strengthened by their father’s death. As an adult, Duff proudly continues his family’s tradition of religious snake handling. Duff’s fascination with snakes leads him to Screaming Hawk, a native American snake wrangler and the lone surviving descendant of a rare tribe of warriors. Screaming Hawk’s prize possession is a baby Unteka, a mythical snake that terrorized the land hundreds of years ago. Enthralled by Unteka’s legend, Duff steals the tiny snake. But Duff soon finds this is one snake he can’t handle. When it escapes its tiny jar, the snake instantly doubles in size. His attempts to contain the growing snake fail, and Unteka embarks on a bloody kill spree across the bucolic countryside. With the help of his park ranger girlfriend, Erin, Les investigates the aftermath of each killing. Together, they begin to suspect the impossible: that a monster snake could behind the killings. But will they be able to stop it? Lurking in the shadows, the Unteka quietly devours livestock at surrounding farms. It ravages campers, hunters, and anyone else unlucky enough to cross its path. Les and Erin’s quest to stop Unteka is challenged by Bo, the town’s grandstanding Sheriff, and Mayor Artimus, who’s afraid that news of a monster snake could ruin the upcoming county fair. But with each bloody attack, the Unteka continues to grow. Eventually,


John T. Woods


Tibor Takacs


Action, Sci Fi