John Shepherd is not a cop’s cop. He used to be, but he killed too many bad guys with firearms and his hands while a homicide detective in Spoken, Washington, and the city wanted him gone. So did the bad guys. Now he’s a private investigator specializing in finding people who don’t want to, or can’t, be found. Dirk is not his real name, just one that’s convenient at the moment. He’s a free-lance killer with more identities than Interpol, the FBI, the CIA, and the Mossad know about. He is hired by a former Nazi SS colonel, Gustav Speerman, now passing in Spoken as Simon Heschel, to find an ancient Hebrew artifact known as Aaron‘s Breastplate, which contain two of the most storied stones-----diamonds-----known to man.. Dirk finds the breastplate in the desert of Israel, killing five archeologists in the process. He must now track down a diamond cutter to cut the two stones for Heschel in a pattern called the Tolkowsky Modification. Liz Greene is the protégé of an old Hasidic diamond cutter, Isaac Teller, and both work in Spoken downtown. Isaac is a Holocaust survivor, a man with a past he won’t talk about. While in the camps he developed a cut of diamond he called the Tolkowsky Modification. Liz is kidnapped by two thugs working for Zach, but Shepherd, attending the same Shiva as Liz, foils the kidnapping and kills both thugs. Liz, not knowing who is who, escapes the scene, leaving a bag of small uncut diamonds on the ground. Shepherd discovers the diamonds. Posing as a Hasid from Tel Aviv, Zach lures Isaac to a secure warehouse to consult on the two rough diamonds. He tells him the stones must be cut in the Tolkowsky Modification, and until they are finished, Liz will be kept hostage. If Isaac refuses, Liz will be killed. Liz, after reporting to the police that Isaac is missing, realizes that Shepherd is the one who saved her life---and “stole” her diamonds. She ends up hiring him to find Isaac, and the two start a journey that


Chuck Norris, Joanna Pacula, Daniel Bernhardt, Bernie Kopell, Curt Lowens, Todd Jensen, Tracy Scoggins


William Tannen


Action, Drama, Thriller